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Welcome to Harmony of the Scriptures



This website was born from a desire to read the four gospels side by side for comparison. But why stop there? Many events in the scriptures are mentioned in different books, and not always chronologically. As a student of the scriptures, I wanted a place where I could study all accounts of the events side by side, in chronological order, for a full picture.

This website is still under construction, with more information being added regularly.



  • While available for mobile, this website is best viewed on DESKTOP


  • All dates are approximate.

  • A perfect timeline of the scriptures doesn't exist because there isn't enough information as of yet. Many sources were consulted to create a reasonable chronology with the effort to make it as accurate as possible. As more information comes available, the chronology will be adjusted. Email suggestions here.

  • Because things are chronological and not in traditional book order, you may want to consult the scripture index if you're struggling to find a particular scripture or the event index if you can't find a story.



Email feedback or corrections to us here.


The hope for this website is to deepen your love and connection to our Savior Jesus Christ by studying His gospel throughout the earth's history.


"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and to day, and for ever." - Hebrews 13:8

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